What is SAP Note:


SAP note is correction program, when users report some issue to SAP then SAP make correction to that program (faulty) and release SAP note and we apply SAP note in our system to fix the issue.


Collections of several SAP Notes are called SAP support pack.

How to Apply SAP Note


Please follow below mentioned steps to apply SAP Note.


1.      Go to transaction SNOTE


2.      Press ctrl + f to find the note you want to apply, if the note is already downloaded in the system then it’ll get highlighted in green as shown below. If you don’t find the note, you need to download the note as below in step 2<A>



2. <A> Then click on ‘Download Sap Note’ button encircled in red. Give the note number that you want to download. It will download SAP note from Service Market Place


2.<B>. Then click on execute button encircled in red as shown below



3.      Now the note will be shown in ‘New’ notes list. Select the note and click on ‘Implement Sap Note’ button as shown below




4.      Following screen will appear showing that the note is being downloaded


5.      After the download is completed, it will ask you for confirmation that you have read the note before applying it.


6.      Click on ‘Yes’, following screen will appear asking for transport request.

Provide a TR#.



7.      Now use this transport number for applying the note and click on Green tick mark to continue.



8.      It will show the object type, Click on green tick mark again.



9.      When the note is implemented successfully, it will come under status ‘In Processing’, you can change the status from ‘In Processing’ to ‘Completed’ using button encircled in red.


Set status to complete.

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