How to Create Oracle Control File:

This article explains about Oracle Control File generation ,After SAP system copy and refresh ,Oracle Control File is created.

For creating oracle control File follow the procedure as below on Source System:

1) Create control.sql by executing the command at the productive system, below;

alter database backup controlfile to trace;              

As a result of this command, a trace file (e.g. xxx.trc ) will be created under /oracle/<SSID>/saptace/usertrace directory

2) Goto "/oracle/<SID>/saptrace/usertrace" and open newly created trace file,

Remove all lines before "STA RTUP MOUNT" line and delete all commented "#" lines. Also remove all lines after

“CHARACTER SET WE8DEC;" line. Change all Source SID's to Target SID via following commands.

UNIX (VI Editor): :%s/<SSID>/<TSID>/g


Move the modified trace file from Source to target system and renamed it to xx.sql

On Target System:

3) Now that you have a control.sql file, then you can create the control files,

4) Delete all control files on the database. They have been determined in the SPFILE or init<SID>.ora file.

5) Execute below commands as ora<sid> user

  a) sqlplus / as sysdba

  b) startup nomount

  c) @<path>\control.sql

  d) shutdown

Recover the Database:

  a)   First start DB in mount mode

startup mount

·         If your source system is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode, then you have to use the following command to recover database.

recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;


·         If you restored an online backup on target system and put all the archive files created since online backup start time from source system, use the following commands.

               recover database using backup controlfile;

during this step it will ask the required redo log files on target so cipy those files files from source system and renamed those as per asked name.

  b) alter database open resetlogs;

  c) shutdown

  d) startup

  e) exit


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